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  • Successful DDP products demotration at the ISPE Barrier Conference in Washington DC.
  • Awarded major contract development project from L-3 Communication Ocean Systems.
  • Finished development touches to latest pharma product, the Alpha NRF-Xt, the externally operated rotating alpha flange. Inquire for details.
  • Numerous orders from DDP's successful isolator accerssory line of products, including transfer systems and glove testers.

March 2013

Come visit us at the 2013 ISPE aseptic conference in Baltimore on March 4th at table 11!

January 2013

We now proudly represent EuroBioConcept isolators for all of North America

November 2012

Come visit us at ISPE's annual meeting in San Francisco!

October 2012

Completed development of the GIT-P4. The glove integrity tester capable of simultaneously testing 4 gloves in an isolator system

May 2012

We now have have a reprsentation in UK and Ireland through Tim Coles of Pharminox!

February 2012

Come visit us at the 2012 ISPE conference in Tampa!

March 2011

DDP develops its newest product, the Alpha XT system, and receives a contract for the first system from an international machine manufacturer for integration into their machine. System successfully delivered in September 2011 (Link to Press release)

January 2011

DDP completes the development and fabrication of a new product incorporating DDP's proprietary NR Technology. The product is the Alpha NR and was sold to an overseas machine manufacturer for incorporation into their system. (Link to Press release)

November 2010

DDP is awarded a contract by a major US government subcontractor for the fabrication of numerous aseptic transfer systems adopting DDP's NR Technology. Last of the systems delivered in October 2011

June 2010

DDP develops a number of proprietary medical products in the ophthalmic industry for a major US manufacturer. Carrying tray, syringe assemblies, and a multitude of injection molded components to support manufacturing and product families integration plans.

December 2009

DDP is a major contributor to the development of an innovative breathing tube clearing medical device for a US startup company.

June 2009

Dynamic Design Pharma completes proof of concept and the first development phase of a new patient controlled medication device for an international medical device manufacturer

September 2008

Dynamic Design Pharma receives notification that its Serial Number 001 GIT-LCA Glove Integrity Tester has been validated and is now in regular use in production. To read the associated press release click here.

January 2008

Dynamic Design Pharma receives a contract for multiple NRC's from a major pharmaceutical manufacturer. Delivery of the order in May 2008.

October 2007

Dynamic Design Pharma completes the first development phase of a new medical device for a major medical device manufacturer. The newly developed device will replace a line of existing and outdated devices currently in manufacturing. Numerous proof-of-concepts versions were developed during this phase with a successful version reached in the end. The device is currently in the prototyping phase.

July 2007

Consulting agreement is reached between DDP and an aseptic vial filling machine manufacturer for the cooperative development of an isolator/RABS system for their machine. Agreement includes the definition of numerous requirements including machine/enclosure interface methods, transfer systems, air management, cleaning and decontamination issues, sterility maintenance and containment issues, operator access challenges, change over process, review of the machine components in terms of their compatibility with the isolator manufacturing environment.

May 2007

DDP receives a contract for Serial Number 001 Model GIT-LCA glove integrity tester from a major pharmaceutical manufacturer. The tester will test gauntlets prior to their installation onto the filling line as well as on-line testing of gloves of a sterility test suite. Expected system delivery: December 2007

August 2006

DDP receives a contract from a major pharmaceutical manufacturer for a VHP compatible NRC transfer systems and a custom designed transfer and handling system. System was delivered in December 2006. To see the applicable case study paper click here.

February 2006

DDP receives approval of US patent No. 7,174,722 for the proprietary glove integrity tester, model GIT-LCA.

November 20025

Joe Sacca, of DDP, conducts a course at the ISPE annual meeting in Scottdale, Arizona. Subject of the course: Glove testing technologies. Mr. Sacca presented the GIT-LCA glove integrity tester as one of the alternatives to this critical aspect of the isolator and RABS system management.