GIT-LCA Glove Integrity Tester

Integrity Tester for the Beta Flange of your RTP Canister

  • Simple operation, validation and maintenance
  • Pressure Decay leak detection method
  • Self-contained console design
  • Color touchscreen operator interface
  • Printing functionality
  • Programmable parameters

System Description

The GIT-RTP is based on Dynamic Design Pharma's proven GIT-XA1 glove integrity tester. The added features of the GIT-RTP system allow to integrity test the beta flange of the RTP canister while monitoring the internal temperature of the process chamber.

The control unit contains all components necessary to conduct the leak test process including air supply management, control valves, instruments, control devices and operator control panel. The unit requires an external electrical power connection.

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The system includes an instruction manual containing the following sections:

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