Alpha NR / NRF

Alpha NR

The Alpha port that is free to rotate during the docking process

  • Permits docking to a beta flange that is stationary and therefore cannot rotate
  • Incorporates DDP's proprietary NR Technology
  • Applicable to docking a tank holding sterile components, such as stoppers, to the isolator
  • Applicable to connecting the beta flange of a transfer isolator to the alpha flange of a filling isolator
  • The Alpha NRF includes positioning float that facilitates the docking process
  • Compatible with any industry standard alpha port
  • Optional Pressure Release System

System Description

The Alpha NR system is an alpha flange that is configured to dock to a stationary (not rotating) beta flange, such as one found on a stopper tank or a transfer isolator.

The Alpha NR incorporates Dynamic Design Pharma's NR Technology that permits the leak tight rotation of the alpha flange relative to its mount. The Alpha NRF can be built with an optional pressure release system.

The Alpha NRF flange is identical to the Alpha NR flange except the NRF flange floats in all planes to facilitate the docking process.

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Advantages & Applications

Alpha NR and Alpha NRF Applications

Beta flange configuration

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Each system is shipped with a document which includes the following sections:

Validation Support

Reference Documentation

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