US Patent No. 6,969,497

DECON System

DECON System

The system for rapid VHP decontamination of RTP canisters

  • Adaptable to interface with beta flanges and canisters of any size and manufacturer
  • No entry into the chamber necessary, canister beta door removal via external actuator
  • Ideal for applications requiring frequent canister dockings because it simplifies and streamlines the decontamination process
  • The system can operate in conjunction with any VHP generator available in the market.
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System Description

The DECON is a stand alone system that is used to VHP decontaminate a RTP canister using a standard VHP gas generator and interconnecting hardware.

Multiple DECON systems can be connected off a single VHP generator for those applications requiring simultaneous canisters decontamination.

The DECON consists of a small, leak tight chamber onto which the canister to be decontaminated is connected. A clamping system assures a leak tight connection.

VHP gas is introduced into the system via a gas injection system and a mixing fan assure of proper gas distribution within the chamber and the canister.

The rear bulkhead of the enclosure features a manual mechanism that the operator operates to manipulate the canister door without entering the chamber.

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Process Description

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Advantages & Applications

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Each system is shipped with a document which includes the following sections:

Operator and Maintenence manual

Validation Support

Reference Documents

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Photo Gallery

  • Close up - NRC docked
  • Rear Close up - during gassing
  • Rear Close up - NRC docked
  • Rear Close up - NRC door engaged

  • Front View without NRC
  • Front View with NRC
  • Rear View without NRC
  • Rear View with NRC

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