GS System

GS Glove Support System

The glove support system that optimizes VHP gas coverage

  • Forming ring that holds the sleeve concentric with the glove for best VHP coverage
  • Forming ring also minimizes the glove intrusion into the isolator by folding the sleeve over
  • "Hand" that spreads the fingers of the glove to optimize VHP coverage
  • Bendable wrist that folds the hand over for extreme applications
  • Customized to the applicable gloveport size and style
  • Positive lock onto the gloveport


The GS System is a glove support system that accurately positions the glove and sleeve assembly of the barrier isolator system during the Vapor Hydrogen Peroxide decontamination process.

The GS System positions the glove and the sleeve in such a way as to prevent any contact with adjacent surfaces and places the glove well into the isolator air strem.

The GS System addresses those isolator installations where the amount of space available in front of the gloveport is limited by machinery or devices. A stainless steel ring that is part of the glove support shapes the sleeve to form a cone around the glove and cuff. The resulting geometry minimizes the amount of intrusion of the glove into the isolator chamber.

The cuff is positioned concentrically to the sleeve and the glove is supported by a "hand" that features articulated fingers; these fingers can be spread to separate the glove fingers during gassing.

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