NRC Gyro

The RTP Canister retrofit kit for delicate applications

  • The canister contents freely rotate, remaining in horizontal alignment relative to the rotation and handling of the canister
  • Installed without modification inside any RTP Canister
  • Nominal Canister sizes: 190mm, 270mm, 350mm & 460mm
  • Compatible with VHP and Steam Sterilization
  • NRC BrochureDownload Brochure

System Description

The NRC Gyro is a retrofit kit to your existing RTP canister system. The NRC Gyro features a ball bearing system that permits rotation of the canister body while your contents remain on the "floating" horizontal shelf. The NRC Gyro is designed to be retrofit to any industry standard RTP canisters.

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Advantages & Applications

NRC Gyro Canister Advantages

The NRC Gyro facilitates applications that are difficult to implement with the standard RTP canister docking process requiring beta flange rotation relative to the alpha flange

NRC Canister Applications

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Each system is shipped with a document which includes the following sections:

Validation Support


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Photo Gallery

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