US Patent 8,950,624

Alpha XT

The Alpha port that is operated from outside the isolator

  • No operator gloved entry into the isolator to perform the docking process
  • Sterile component introduction into the isolator without using the isolator gloves
  • Modified industry standard alpha port with unaffected interlock functionality and aseptic sealing capability
  • Customizable funnel design to fit the application
  • Can be oriented horizontally or vertically and in the right hand or left hand version
  • Alpha XT System Press ReleasePress Release, Alpha XT System Press ReleaseBrochure Alpha XT System PresentationPresentation

System Description

The Alpha XT system is a proprietary Alpha port that allows docking the beta flange and opening the alpha door without the gloved entry of the operator into the isolator chamber.

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Docking sequence – sterile side
Docking sequence – Operator side
Alpha XT system – Introduction Movie
Alpha XT 2019 – Operator side
Alpha XT 2019 – Sterile side
Alpha XT - Externally Operated Alpha Port

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Advantages & Applications

Alpha XT Advantages

Alpha XT Applications

Beta NR-HP Application

Retrofit of existing systems

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Each system is shipped with a document which includes the following sections:

Instruction manual

Validation Support

Reference Documentation

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