US Patent No. 6,655,759

NRC Canister

The RTP Canister for the more challenging applications

  • The beta flange is free to rotate relative to the canister body
  • Incorporates DDP's proprietary NR Technology
  • Nominal beta sizes: 190mm, 270mm, 350mm & 460mm
  • Compatible with any standard RTP port
  • Canister body can be customized to the application
  • Shuttle and tray compatible with VHP and Steam
  • Material handling interface features
  • NRC BrochureDownload Brochure

System Description

The Non-Rotating Canister (NRC) is a RTP canister system featuring a proprietary NR flange that permits rotation of the Beta flange relative to the canister body. The NRC is designed to interface with any industry standard RTP ports.

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Advantages & Applications

NRC Canister Advantages

The NRC Canister technology facilitates applications that are difficult to implement with standard RTP canister docking process requiring beta flange rotation relative to the alpha flange

NRC Canister Applications

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Sterilization/Decontamination of the NRC Canister

The NRC canister must be either VHP decontaminated or steam sterilized prior to its use for aseptic transfers. Following are some notes regarding the two processes.

Steam Sterilization Process

VHP Gas Decontamination Process

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Each system is shipped with a document which includes the following sections:

Validation Support

Reference Documentation

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