GIT-LCA Glove Integrity Tester

Cost effective solution to Glove Integrity Testing

  • Simultaneously test up to 4 gloves at a time
  • Pressure Decay leak detection method
  • Self-contained console design
  • Color touchscreen operator interface
  • Printing functionality
  • Programmable parameters
  • Alpha XT System Press ReleaseBrochure DDP GIT-XX PresentationPresentation

System Description

The GIT-P4 glove integrity tester is a state-of-the-art, cost effective, glove leak testing system for testing the integrity of glove/sleeves or gauntlets of isolator/RABS systems. The GIT-P4 is capable of simultaneously leak testing up to 4 gloves .

The GIT-P4 glove integrity tester consists of a clean room compatible control console that the operator places in proximity to the gloveports to be tested and a set of appropriate glove interface devices that are specifically designed to interface with the glove system to be tested.

The GIT-P4 system in both a positive or negative pressure mode of operation depending on whether the glove system to be tested is part of an aseptic or a containment application. The test outcome of each glove tested is provided to the operator in the form of a Pass/Fail visual indicator and pressure values. If desired, test results can be printed for permanent record keeping.

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System Environment

Typical aseptic system installation, shown with glove/cuff type of test part interface and negative pressure test mode for aseptic filling operations. The glove under test is placed inside a vacuum chamber via a leak tight connection at the cuff.

For containment applications, the glove/sleeve are tested while oriented inside the isolator chamber.

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Mode of Operation Options

Non-Sterile/Containment leak test (containment applications)

  1. Glove/Sleeve is pressurized from outside the isolator.
  2. In the event of a leak in the test item, positive pressure inside the test item causes airflow into the isolator system.

Sterile system leak test (aseptic applications)

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Gloveport Interface Hardware

The system connects to the test item by means of a gloveport interface device. A number of interface configurations are possible, depending on the application, mode of operation and gloveport manufacturer. Following are the basic categories of interface devices possible and diagrams that demonstrate the concept of each. (Click on link to view diagram)

Positive pressure/Containment applications.

Negative pressure/Aseptic applications.

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Each system is shipped with an operator and maintenance manual that includes the following sections:

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